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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

kecik & MUCUKK:)

haha..hye readers...
assalamualaikum... peace yaw.. huhuhu~ excited pulakk mlm nieyh kn .... ealha sebab tomorrow will be the day that i have waiting for a long time ...
30hb NOVEMBER 2011
actually.. i wanna get out from this house (cewahh ..mcm provoke rumh nmpk ..) and will go to BATU PAHAT with my fellow BFF...huhuhu..oke..enough !!!
just take a look to the tittle of this post....ok...thats not a name for a cat or even doggy..or even hamster..mouseketeer or anythings....its bout US !!!
kecik is ME as well.....
and mucukk for sure is actually a little real mucuk boy that nice to me ...
this is him..

hahahaha.. hai MUCUKK !!
yes...feel very comfortable to call him as what i said before..not for real but its nice!!..
oke..his real name is SHAHRUL NIZAM.. sweet 15teen boy...
as i know, he love to play games, watching the youtube website or CHATTING....
yes..bout chatting in the facebook.. we've been together through that facilities.. everyday or even every hour we will CHATTING.. seronok lhaa chat ngn mucukk .... huk3....
he's a nice boy for me... a frank person.. love his smile and totally his ADORABLE HAIR !!
hahaha... perang siott... hee~ its nevermine lha mucukk.. keep it with u oke.. just ignore on what people said ..
we have chemistry of course.. he has DOMO-kun as i am taw !!!..hahaha...
and to mucukk..
after this kite ley tukar2 domo okey !.. ngEe~
he already sit for his PMR ...and hopefully he get the best result ever ok!!.. amin~
so....sape2 yg kacau dy or even make a junk on his feeling, aku tumbokk kaww.....huhuhuhu~
(suke2 hati nak tumbok org ...)
he love to call me as kecikk..hahaha !!... ta kesahh ~~
i love to hear that actually.. ooppssss~ huhuhu:)
no any lack about this guy... he've been nice to me... and he always company and be on my side when i'm feel alone....
thnx MUCUKK !!

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